the filmmakers

Linda Cabot
Writer/Director/Film and Story Editor

Linda Cabot spent her childhood summering on North Haven Island in Maine, which fostered a lifelong love of sailing and the ocean. Ms. Cabot’s interest in education first developed in high school where she spent summers tutoring economically disadvantaged students. She has maintained this interest through her adult life and is on many philanthropic educational boards today. She is a landscape/seascape artist and the mother of two teenage daughters. Together with her husband and daughters she has sailed the New England Coast, Caribbean, New Zealand and French Polynesia. For years she dreamed of making a film that would educate her daughters and others about the Gulf of Maine and inspire active stewardship. From the Bow Seat is the culmination of that aspiration and her way to share her passion for the ocean with others.

Alejandro Torres
Music and Technology Director/ Cinematography/ Sound and Film Editor

Alejandro Torres is a multimedia artist and filmmaker who developed the passion for his craft through a diverse background. The son of a photographer, he became aware of visual composition and lighting at a very young age. A native of California's Central Valley, Mr. Torres became aware of his abilities in the dramatic arts at Modesto Junior College and Santa Barbara City College. This discovery led him to a scholarship studying acting at CalArts. A self taught pianist and composer, he was also accepted by the music department. With the arrival of the digital age, Mr. Torres realized that all of these interests could be housed under one craft, that of filmmaking. Currently residing on the coast in Harpswell, Maine, a place which inspires him for it's natural beauty and varying light, his work on From the Bow Seat allowed him to learn more about the coastal history of his newly adopted state, the environmental and regulatory concerns of the Gulf of Maine, and increased his respect for the fishermen and scientists who grapple on a daily basis over the best ways to ensure the future of the fisheries.

Nico Danan
Cinematography/ Audio Recording

Nico Danan was born in Nimes in the south of France and spent most of his summers swimming and discovering the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea relearning the liquid life through freediving. He was always attracted by the big blue and decided to find a career that would link him to the ocean. He became a Scuba and nitrox instructor and in 2001 started working as a project coordinator for Bioexplorations, a non-profit organization for the preservation of the coral reef where he lived for two years in the remote Panamanian islands of Bocas del Toro. In 2004 he became the chief diver for Fabien Cousteau’s expedition/documentary film on great white sharks “CBS: Mind of a Demon.” Now he roams the planet as a freelance journalist for UK and French scuba magazines. He is chocoholic and believes in mermaids.