Inspiring the next generation of
Ocean Caretakers

What is an Ocean Caretaker?

An Ocean Caretaker is someone who cares about, pays attention to, and protects the ocean, the life that inhabits it, and the people that rely on it. They work to make sure that the ocean ecosystem is clean, healthy, and managed sustainably. Caretakers make changes in their own lives, encourage others to make healthy ocean choices, and they stand up and act when they see trouble coming.

What does an Ocean Caretaker do?

Anyone can be an Ocean Caretaker, but it takes work! Ocean Caretakers actively try to change their own and their community’s habits that harm the ocean.

  • Ocean Caretakers listen, observe, and pay attention.
  • They educate themselves and others.
  • They take responsibility for their own actions.
  • They reduce their personal consumption, recycle, clean up litter, and eat sustainably caught seafood. 
  • They don’t work in isolation – they reach out, find, and create their own community of Ocean Caretakers.
  • They use their voice to spread the word and encourage others to protect the ocean.

Who are they?

Absolutely anyone can be an Ocean Caretaker, and we think everyone should be. If you participate in a Bow Seat Ocean Awareness program, or live your daily life making healthy choices for the ocean, you become a part of this community of Ocean Caretakers.

You can meet many of these Ocean Caretakers by connecting with us on social media, reading our blog and viewing our Student Gallery.

What does Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs do?

At Bow Seat we seek to inspire the next generation of Ocean Caretakers, and we create opportunities for youth to harness their creativity to protect the ocean. We host the annual Ocean Awareness Student Contest and help launch students’ careers in the arts by creating art exhibits, publishing collections of their writing, helping them sell their work, and sharing internships that help students participate in ocean conservation.

How do I become a Caretaker?

Do you want to become an Ocean Caretaker? Start with these steps and begin your journey to protect the ocean!

for middle and high school students
closes June 19, 2017

proceeds support
young artists and
ocean conservation

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