another successful year!


The 2014 Ocean Awareness Student Contests are now closed. We had a record number of submissions, and we'd like to thank all of the contestants who sent us such amazing, thoughtful entries. A big "thank you" also goes to the teachers, parents, and helpers who supported them.

Judging is underway and winners of the 2014 Contests will be announced in October. Please check back soon!

2014 by the numbers:

We had more than three times as many entries as last year.

Two-thirds of our entries were in the Art category.

We received entries from nine countries, growing enormously from last year's pool from the USA and Canada.

Entries came from over half of the States, with Maine, Massachusetts, California, Florida, and New York sending the most.

New in 2015:

We know the 2014 contests just ended, but we are already thinking about 2015!

In addition to art, essay, and advocacy, we are excited to announce we will also have a poetry category!

And, thanks to the overwhelming amount of interest from middle school teachers and students, we are adding a division for 6th–8th graders.

So check back soon for information about the 2015 Contests, which will open September 15, 2014.