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Marine Debris/Plastic Pollution

“Plastic Ocean”
by Bonnie Monteleone / Collage Sculpture, Mixed Media

Oil Spills

“Oil Spill Disaster”
by Matthew O’Reilly / Collage, watercolors, student work

New Orleans Artists Turn Katrina Wreckage into Oil Spill Art Upcycling (video)

by Matt Kenyon / sculpture (video)

"Wings and a prayer: A graphic short story of one brown pelican's journey of hope"
by Kenny Harrison / Graphic Novel

Nuclear Waste

"Black Square XVII”
by Taryn Simon / Sculpture

"Nuclear Fallout Dragon"
by Minna Sundberg / Digital Art


2013 Ocean Acidification Art Contest (slide show)

“Ocean Acidification”
by Pat Bradley / Comics, Concept

Sewage and Runoff

Art installation
by Tejo Remy and Rene Veenhuizen / Public Art

“Found in Guanabaraa” (video)
Public Art for the 2016 Olympics

Invasive Species

“Alien Weeds”
by Patterson Clark / Mixed Media, Sculpture

Invasive Art
by Emily Bryant / Print

Invasive Paper Project
by Megan Heeres / Sculpture

Noise Pollution

"Toxic Tones"
by Erik Petersen / Illustration

“Silent Lights”
by Artist Build Collaborative / Public Art

Noise-Reducing Landscape Design
by Paul de Kort and H.N.S. Landscape Architects