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“ Awesome Oceans”
by edeos - Digital Education

Marine Debris/Plastic Pollution

“The Majestic Plastic Bag – a Mockumentary”
by Heal the Bay

“Rise Above Plastic – Plastic Kills!”
by Surfrider Foundation

“Stop Marine Plastic Pollution”
by Natural Resources Defence Council

“Open Your Eyes”
by Plastic Pollution Coalition

“See How It Feels to Be an Ocean Animal Stuck in a Plastic Bag”
by National Geographic

“Care About the Ocean? Think Twice About Your Coffee Lid.”
by National Geographic

“Plastic SEAS”
by Jeneene Chatowsky

Oil Spills

“How do we clean up oil spills?”
by DNews

Nuclear Waste

“Fukushima's Impact on the Ocean”
by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


"Demystifying ocean acidification and biodiversity impacts"
by California Academy of Sciences

"Ocean Acidification"
by the Alliance for Climate Education

"Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification"
by Natural Resources Defence Council

"Ocean Acidification - Changing Waters On The Oregon Coast"
by Oregon State University

Sewage and Runoff

"The Chesapeake Bay Dead Zone: Bay Farms and Blue Crabs"
by Maryland Sea Grant

"Dead Zone"
by COSEE Coastal Trends

Invasive Species

"Making Waves: Battle for the Great Lakes"
by Great Lakes Media

Noise Pollution

"Underwater Noise - The Overlooked Catastrophe"
by Silent Oceans

"Sound AFFECTS: A film on Ocean Noise"
by Beneath the Waves