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Marine Debris/Plastic Pollution

"Plastic Pollution and Wastefulness"
by SometimesTina / Nonfiction

Oil Spills

"The Raft"
by Stephen King / Fiction
(Synopsis, read full version in the book Skeleton Crew)

Nuclear Waste

"Nuclear Family, Nuclear Stories..."
by Carol Brouillet / Personal essay


"What Doeas Ocean Acidification Mean For Sea Life?"
by Elizabeth Grossman / Journalism

Sewage and Runoff

"Can oxygen pump breathe life into ocean 'dead zone?'"
by Tom Levitt / News

Invasive Species

"Confessions of a Hit Man"
by Jeffrey A. Lockwood and Alexandre V. Latchininsky / Essay

"The Cooler: Towards a Deeper Conversation on Invasive Species"
by Matt Miller / Journalism

Noise Pollution

"Noisy Oceans"
by CJA Bradshaw / Blog