2014 From The Bow Seat
Ocean Awareness 
Student Contest

Each year we challenge high school students to learn and critically consider timely issues impacting the ocean and help teachers meet Next Generation Science Standards.

The 2014 contest theme is Plastic Pollution in the Ocean. The contest invites students to tackle the issue individually or collaboratively through an ART, ADVOCACY or ESSAY option.

Entries will be accepted through June 15, 2014.

Enter to win! 

Three sets of prizes will be awarded in the areas of Art, Essay, Advocacy:

First place:


Second place:


Third place:



for the first-place winner’s high school


10 Honorable
Awards of


3 Teacher
Awards of


Contest runs through June 15, 2014.

Announcing the winners of the
2013 Ocean Awareness Essay Contest!

Meet Piper, the biggest winner of all!

In recognition of the inspiring work of ALL of our essayists, we have made a donation to the Right Whale Program at the New England Aquarium to sponsor Piper, a right whale.

Piper has been entangled twice AND given birth to three calves in her life, exemplifying both the challenges facing right whales today and also the hope for their future.

DVD cover

From the Bow Seat opens up new horizons for people
 of all ages with its beautiful footage, easy narrative,
 and intimate conversations with the real people in Maine
 who know this ocean so well.”

— Peter Shelley, Vice President and Director,
    Massachusetts Advocacy Center, Conservation Law Foundation

Get inspired!

Our gallery showcases works of art inspired by the ocean.


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