Lobstering is Maine's premier fishery and lobsters are thriving in the the Gulf of Maine.

Hello From the Bow Seat!

Did you know that lobsters pee out of their heads? Can you believe that?! We learned this and much more about lobsters from biologist Diane Cowan when we visited her lobster pound on Friendship Island.

While sailing in Boothbay, we learned about the fascinating history of lobstering from Colin Woodard, author of The Lobster Coast. He told us that it's a mystery why lobster stocks have increased and not decreased like other fisheries.

We visited Monhegan Island with Carl Wilson and Deirdre Gilbert from Maine's Department of Marine Resources. They explained how the Maine lobster industry is managed so that lobsters continue to thrive in the Gulf of Maine.



Captain Foy measures a lobster

Traditional wooden lobster traps have been mostly replaced with plastic coated wire mesh ones.

Owner-operated lobster boats are typically outfitted with electric haulers, GPS, radar, radio, depth sounders and more.

A blue lobster in Foy's tank. Only about one in 2-5 million lobsters are blue! This color change is caused by a genetic defect.

Lobstering with Captain Foy Brown in the North Haven Thorofare was unforgettable.