Atlantic puffins are small seabirds (they look a little like penguins, but they can fly!). Puffins were hunted for their eggs, feathers and meat, and they had all but disappeared from Maine by the early 1900s.

Ahoy From the Bow Seat,

Puffins are not just another pretty face! Did you know that they are incredible divers who can fly up to 55mph and hold as many as 62 fish in their beak!? Check out the pictures below to see why we adore these birds.

It was an experience of a lifetime to go out to Eastern Egg Rock with ornithologist Stephen Kress and see the result of his 30-year project. We were all inspired by his dedication and perseverance.

Here is a shout out to any of you students who might be interested in a career in conservation biology; you absolutely must see what the awesome group of Puffin Project interns does to keep this project on target. Maybe you will be out there someday?



Intro to puffins

Stephen Kress, founder of Project Puffin, on Eastern Egg Rock.

Puffins "billing" — sort of like kissing.
photo by Derrick Z. Jackson, Boston Globe

Puffins can hold up to 62 small fish in their mouths.

Puffin chicks were transported to Eastern Egg Rock as part of the restoration program.
photo by Derrick Z. Jackson, Boston Globe