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There are many organizations around the world doing great work on climate change. These are a few of our favorites. Follow their work and check out their lists of resources!

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  • Eat a low-carbon diet. The food you buy may have a large global footprint. About 33% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from agricultural practices, land use changes, and deforestation. The global livestock industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars, planes, trains, and ships combined, so you can make a big difference by reducing your consumption of red meat and eating more local, organic plant-based meals. Start with “Meatless Mondays”!
  • Change how you move. Almost 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. comes from transportation. Decrease your personal carbon footprint by walking, biking, and using mass transit whenever possible, or carpool with your friends and neighbors.
  • Consume less. Buy minimally packaged goods and avoid single-use plastics, which require a lot of energy to produce and ship. Buy locally produced items when possible. Recycle when possible; reuse or repurpose items to divert waste from your local landfill.
  • Think about waste. Solid waste landfills are the single largest man-made source of methane (a greenhouse gas) in the U.S. Expand, promote, and support recycling initiatives in your school and community. Participate in or help create a composting program.
  • Support green energy. Look into whether your local utilities supplier offers a green power option, and talk to your parents about making the switch.
  • Start conversations. According to the Yale Program on Climate Communication, more than half of Americans who are interested in global warming or think the issue is important “rarely” or “never” talk about it with family and friends. Let’s talk about it!
  • Advocate for climate change policy. Write a letter to local, regional, and national officials and let them know that climate action is important to you. Share stories about how climate change affects you personally, and express the urgency of the issue.
  • Organize. Whether you start a sustainability group at school, host a climate education event, or volunteer with a local nonprofit, there are many ways to create community around climate solutions.
  • Share the Contest. We want you to use your creative voice and passion to speak up for our blue planet. Share our programs with the other ocean lovers you know! By giving young people an opportunity to express their ideas and think creatively about ocean conservation, we hope to create a wave of action around the world.

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